We’re watching TV until late into the night, scrolling all of the feeds as time passes by when all of a sudden we the clock and realize yet another night of not enough sleep is upon us. ⁣ But what if instead of running on fumes throughout the week, we took some precautionary action to improve our sleep and our energy leading to a weekend bursting with motivation to do the activities and projects we’ve been wanting to get to!? This is where a solid nighttime routine can help all of us end our night with a bit more intention and this doesn’t chain us to a 9PM bedtime either, after all when designing any type of routine… it needs to be a custom fit for ourselves that serves our goals. ⁣⁣ So, let’s ask ourselves…is our nighttime routine setting the tone for a solid night sleep or is it overflowing with distractions and stimulating tasks preventing us from ever reaching our dream state? ⁣⁣ Come hang as we discuss a few ideas that can upgrade our EXISTING nighttime routines to help give us get to bed sooner and get us sleeping faster!




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